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About Us

Get ready to Bat A Lash with eyelash extensions! Add length and volume to your lashes for weeks without having to worry about mascara. Each eyelash extension set is tailored to each client's eye and face shape. Our lashes used are synthetic faux mink. Made up of unique synthetic yarn fibers which makes them very soft, light and realistic looking. They are a deep matte black and never lose their curl. Paired with the best adhesive to give your lashes a seamless look with great retention. Remove unwanted hair with our waxing services that will help you look and feel confident. Get a relaxing skincare treatments to keep your skin refreshed and youthful. 

We strive to provide the best quality eyelash extensions, body waxing, and skin care services. Licensed esthetician, certified master lash stylist, and trainer, that specializes in individual and volume lash application. By choosing BataLashSpa you are supporting a small local business and a true Austinite born and raised in Austin, Texas.






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