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Classic Lashes - 1:1 One extension applied per one natural lash. We do not count the number of extensions applied. We guarantee a full look for the amount of healthy natural lashes you have. Our most natural set of lashes, giving your lashes a natural mascara look. Our individual lashes are great for enhancing your natural beauty. 


Mixed Lashes - The perfect mix of natural and dramatic, mixing both classic and volume lash techniques together. The best of both lash worlds. (Also known as 'Hybrid')

Volume Lashes - 1:2/3/4/5/6 Handmade fans of multiple light weight extensions per one natural lash. The extensions are thinner in diameter, adds fullness and drama without adding extra weight. Our most dramatic set of lashes! Gives your lashes a very voluminous, full, and dense look.


   Full Set - A beautiful fresh set of eyelash extensions can last up to 4-6 weeks with refills recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain a nice full look.

   Refill - Maintain your lashes with a refill, includes clean up and removal of grown out lashes and extensions are restored to full set status. Recommend every 2-3 weeks. There must be at least 40% of your lash extensions still on to be considered a fill. Anything less or anything after 4 weeks is considered a full set and a full set price will be charged.


   Mini Fill - A quick touch up if you need more lashes added, recommended 2 weeks or less from last refill.

All Full Set & Refill treatments will include a Lash Bath prior to lash application. The many benefits of a Lash Bath will ensure lashes and eye area are clean, free of makeup & oils, cleanse off all debris, and will improve lash retention.

Each lash set is customized to your individual eye shape. All extensions are applied to individually isolated natural lashes, with a medical grade adhesive to ensure proper lash health. All lash products are cruelty, latex, and formaldehyde free.  



⦁   New Client Consultation & Patch Test $30 non-refundable deposit - 30 minutes. We recommend all New Clients book a New Client Consultation & Patch test prior to booking another lash service. Must be preformed at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

⦁    Classic Full Set $150.00 - 120 minutes

⦁    Classic Refill $75 - 90 minutes

⦁    Classic Mini Fill $50 - 45 minutes

⦁    Mixed Full Set $200 - 180 minutes

⦁    Mixed Refill $85 - 105 minutes

⦁    Mixed Mini Fill $65 - 60 minutes

⦁    Volume Full Set $250 - 210 minutes

⦁    Volume Refill $95 - 120 minutes

⦁    Volume Mini Fill $65 - 60 minute

⦁    Bottom Lashes $50 - 45 minutes

⦁    Removal $45 - 30 minutes


⦁   Color Lashes $10

⦁  Cooldown Calming Eye Masks $10 - 10 to 15 minutes
Add some extra relaxation to your self care time. These soothing eye masks instantly chill, calm, and refresh eyes on contact. The replenishing gel formula soothes, depuffs, and diminishes the appearance of dark circles. Caffeine firms and boosts circulation, while kelp extract moisturizes and heals. Designed to be used after lash treatments, yet so addictive you’ll want to use them all the time.


The most important part of eyelash extensions is to maintain the health of the natural lash. We choose the appropriate lengths and thickness for each individual natural lash. If a extensions that has been applied is too heavy and long on a natural lash to support, it runs the risk of damaging the natural lashes and the follicles will cease to produce healthy eyelashes moving forward. That is why each extension is hand selected for the appropriate natural lash. Lash extensions can last 6 weeks, but we recommend lashes to be maintained with refills every 2-3 weeks. 


Pre-care and Aftercare is of dire importance to protect your eyelash extension investment. It is up to you to care for you lash extensions properly in order to get the best wear out of them. Evey client is educated of proper aftercare and provided with the best aftercare product for purchase to maintain their extensions. 


Pre-Care Tips for Lash Extensions

Arrive to your appointment with no makeup around the eye area. We provide makeup remover and lash cleanser if needed. Avoid heavy lotions, concealer, foundation, moisturizer around the eye area. Come in with clean eyes and hair, as you can not get your lashes wet for 24 hour after receiving eyelash extension application.

Do not drink caffeine before your appointment, it can make your eyes flutter.

If you wear contacts, you may want to wear glasses to your appointment. You may resume wearing your contacts after your appointment.

Do not get a spray tan for at least 48 hours before your appointment and for at least 48 hours after your appointment.


Be clear on what type of look you would like for your lashes.



AfterCare Tips for Lash Extensions

Re-frame from getting lashes wet for at least 24 hours. No Water, Sweat, Steam, Tears during the 24 hours period. After the 24 hour period wash lashes with lash foaming cleanser twice in the morning and twice at night. Wash above your eyes, below your eyes and gently pat the lash cleanser on your lashes. No rubbing, pulling, or tugging at your lashes. It's very important to wash lashes regularly, extensions are more prone to bacteria growing so it is very important to wash your eyes to prevent this from happening. 

Brush your lashes every day. Brush when you wake up in the morning, after you wash your lashes, and after that brush as needed. Brush from the middle to the top of your lashes. Never brush from the base, as you're more likely to catch hold of a lash and pulled it out. 

Avoid all products that contain oil in it. Oil starts to break down the adhesive causing pre-mature lash loss. 

Avoid all water-proof cosmetics around the eye area.

Avoid using eye creams 

Do not sleep on your face or on your sides

Avoid makeup around the eye area for the first 24 hours

Do not use mechanical lash curlers

Do not rub your eyes or excessively touch your eyes

Avoid spray tanning, tanning beds, facial services, steamers, saunas for the first 24 to 48 hours

Lash Care Products

Lash Wand- $10

Lash Cleanser-Lash Bath- $20

Make Up Remover- $20

Clear Lash Sealant- $30

Sleep Mask- $16

Angled Lash Cleansing Brush- $8

Lash Cleansing Brush Trio- $18

100 Count Lint Free Applicators- $13

60 Count Lint Free Applicators- $10

Eyelash Makeup Bag- $9


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